The restaurant La Lanterna is located on the ruins of ancient Roman baths. The buffet is large and inviting, prepared with taste by the chef. Here, in this culinary paradise, living sympathy and service.
Our philosophy leads us to the continuous search for new flavors supported by the use of genuine raw materials, fresh, organically healthy specially prepared by our chefs.
In our restaurant we use only products of our land, we also selected a few companies that for the qualitative an of their products guarantee the excellence of our dishes.

Our kitchen follow the flavors of the cuisine of Sorrento, thanks to a single principle:
through research that the products of our land leads to the rediscovery of traditional dishes, with a touch of creativity that are cleverly presented in a modern way.

Considerable importance is attached to the cellar, which now exceeds 100 labels, embracing different types of wines, not only in Campania but also national and foreign.

Welcome to Sorrento